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Do you want to know how your manufacturing operations are doing in Mexico?

Don’t let trouble troubles you… be proactive, give us a call, send us a message via WhatsApp or an email, we can do a join assessment on:


  ► Use of resources

✓ Operational Current Cost vs Standard Cost & Objective Cost.

✓ Inventory levels.

✓ Equipment and machine monitoring.


  ► Back to basics

✓ Workplace organization.

✓ Source of contamination.

✓ Factory flow.


  ► Measurement and Digitalization

✓ EDI communication effectiveness for releases and shipping.

✓ Centralized databases.

✓ KPIs and Scorecard success.


  ► Continuous Improvement

✓ Productivity management.

✓ Optimization strategies.

✓ Waste, losses and variation control.

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